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I AM heaven on earth

What Are Mandalas . . .

       Mandalas are one of the oldest religious art forms known to Humanity. Translated, "mandala" means circle - a symbol of completeness - the most perfect medium in which to present a picture of yourself.

       They are "painting like" patterns within the boundary of a circle. The word itself comes from "Sanskrit" and is also translated as both the centre, and the outer edge of a circle simultaneously.

       Mandalas are often linked with religion or psychology, and are seen to represent a journey from one state of awareness to another. Each pattern, form, colour, and shape is a significant symbol for that journey.

       The outer border reflects the psychological boundary that separates oneself from the outer world or other persons. All the contents of the mandala lead the viewer onwards and inwards to the center. This is a natural urge within us - to search out the center of our own being.

       The creative process is in itself a unique method of visual self expression. At the time the artist may experience a feeling of relief, a sense of peace, as the pattern comes together and "works" within the circle. By creating mandalas or meditating on them, fragmented parts of our psyche can be healed.

       Mandalas are not only beautiful, intricate patterns or designs within circles - they are powerful tools for inspiration, self-discovery, and healing.

       An excellent website with stunning mandalas that have been created digitally is Earth Mandalas. They are all created from photographs of nature by Komra, who also provides tutorials so that anybody, with the right software, can create masterpeices of their own.

       I, mself had quite a profound experience creating a very special Prosperity Mandala, which is a delicate blending of two of my favourite symbols, the OM and the YIN YANG inside a circle. This mandala is freely available to print off in both Black and White, and Colour, and can be found, with more information about it, on our Prosperity Mandalas page.

       Just as mandalas are the graphic expression of the artist's subconscious mind, so can they also speak straight to the subconscious mind of the person gazing upon them. Therefore, placing this Prosperity Mandala where it is seen often, will, theoretically, be helping to promote and grow Prosperity Consciousness in all who view it. As this is directly in line with our Mission of co-creating heaven on earth, all at I AM heaven on earth are grateful for every copy that is printed off, and put up somewhere for someone to see. Thank you.

       Blessed be, always,

                                            John Ackland, and the I AM heaven on earth team.

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